JOBY Ultrafit Slingstrap Review

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If you’re a photographer who likes to move around alot, then the new JOBY UltraFit Sling Strap may be just the fit you’re looking for (no pun intended ~_^.  It has a quick-draw style strap that’s designed to conform to your body while offering hands-free stability, without feeling like you’ve got a bowling ball hanging off your neck.

There are currently two versions of the Ultrafit Slingstrap, one that’s ergonomically designed for men and one that’s ergonomically designed for women, and they’re touted to provide “long-wearing comfort with soft to the touch materials.”

The integrated SpeedCinch system provides hands-free stability by securing your camera close to the body for extra mobility and camera protection when shooting on-the-go.

Bobby Zhang over at The Phoblographer recently got his hands on the Joby Ultrafit Slingstrap and submitted his review.

JOBY Ultrafit Slingstrap Review Highlights

“It is always cumbersome to have to deal with your camera strap during a photo walk, especially the traditional ones that hang around your neck. I personally hate having to use a camera strap because most of the time, it just gets in my way and can become quite uncomfortable during an active photo walk or a hot summer day as the rubber grip likes to stick to my skin. I’ve always preferred to just go strap-less to avoid the hassle. I never thought to consider a shoulder strap until Joby sent us the Ultrafit Slingstrap for review. After around a week of testing, I have found a lot of good things to say about it but also some bad.


  • Very simple and quick adjustable strap
  • Easy to attach via tripod mount
  • Two versions: one for men and another for women


  • Occupies your tripod mount
  • Camera hangs upside down as you walk
  • Could have more padding for comfort

Taking the Ultrafit Slingstrap with me on photo walks have been an enjoyable experience, and a welcome relief as opposed to the usual annoyance that I have to put up with when I use my Canon neck strap. The simple and lightweight design of the strap makes bringing the camera up to shoot so much easier. Having a shoulder strap  is much more comfortable and natural-feeling in my opinion. Having a camera hanging down your neck just feels wrong to me. The Ultrafit strap is available for $50 and I would strongly recommend it for shooters who typically move around to get their photos as opposed to using a tripod.” (Read full review on thePhoblographer)

My 2 Cents

I too cannot stand using a neck strap when going out to do some shooting.  After a while, even a lighter mirrorless camera begins to feel like a cinder block hanging around your neck and that can quickly take the joy out of your shooting experience.  I haven’t personally gotten my hands on a slingstrap yet, but this design makes a lot of sense and I know that JOBY makes great stuff – so I’ll give this one a try.  Stay Tuned…

Get the JOBY Ultrafit Slingstrap for Men and Women on Amazon Here


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