LED Lights… for FLASH?

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MC Contributor Will Crockett (DiscoverMirrorless.com) shares two of his favorite hybrid LED lights that work just as good for still as they do for video.

Will writes:  Did you know that you can flash some LED lights for still photography?  Yep, you sure can AND the flash pulse is 4 to 6 times brighter than the LED can glow continuously.

These are hybrid LED lights and are made to help us make the transition from shooting “still only” into shooting hybrid any time and anyplace we want to. They are easy to use, light, silent, easy on battery consumption and work great… with a few exceptions.

LED lighting goes with Hybrid Photography like Peanut Butter goes with Jelly – and the ability of these new LED lights to work both as a continuous light source OR flash will allow you to quickly move from photo to video shooting without having to swap out gear – and that means less stuff in your camera bag and less strain on your back!

Check out the Quantum Omicron LED Ringlight and Manfrotto LED Lights Here


PhotoLynch says:

Can anybody answer? Is the flash power changeable or is it set at 1 power output? Really curious about getting one of these, but have a few caveats.

Great question, Steven.

I’ve been using the Manfrotto ML840H (84 LED lights), but mostly for video. You can use it as a flash for still photos, but I’ve frankly been shooting stills without flash at high ISO to test out the G5’s capabilities in low light. I’ll test it the LED rig for flash and let you know what I come up with. You might also want to check out http://DiscoverMirrorless.com for some advice as well. All the Hybrid heroes are testing the Manfrotto LEDs.

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