Leica M Hands On Review and Field Test

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Chris Niccolls and the Camera Store Crew brave the cruel Canadian winter to look at the new Leica M Type 240 digital rangefinder. This is Leica’s first M rangefinder with Live View and video capture. Will these new additions help create the greatest M of all, or take away some of what made rangefinder photography so appealing?  Featuring the street photography of Chris Tait.

My 2 Cents

Leica is one of the premier names in imaging and have been since 1913.  They’re known for superior quality optics and incredible, high end, expensive cameras – so does the new Leica M live up to the company’s lofty reputation.

There’s no doubt that the Leica M is going to be among the best cameras around when it comes to still photo  image quality, and that’s the area where this camera seems to be best suited.  If you’re looking for a Hybrid Camera, you probably want to look elsewhere as the video capabilities of the Leica M don’t seem to up to snuff with the competition, but if you’re looking for a Mercedes in the form of a camera, then the Leica M is sure not to disappoint.  But will it’s image quality be any better than the Sony RX1 or one of the Fuji X-Series Cameras (X-Pro 1 or X-E1)?  Only time will tell.



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