Living the Dream – To What Length Are YOU Willing to Go to Get the Shot?

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I’m a big believer in passion.  To me, passion is the stuff that makes life worth living, and if you’re not living your dream (at least part time) then you’re not really living at all.  So when I ran across the incredible video above about “Fighting for Your Passion” (by Devin Graham), I knew that I just had to share it with you.

Devin Graham creates Youtube videos for a living. These aren’t your run of the mill Youtube videos where some nut job launches into an angst ridden rant while perched in front of the web cam in their top secret lair (aka – their room in their parents house), these are breathtaking videos of jaw dropping wonder that are the culmination of meticulous hard work, brilliant creativity and most vitally, a burning passion for what he’s doing. Watch above as Devin takes you behind the scenes in this motivating video about exactly what he does for a living.

Don’t ever let the fact that you’re comfortable prevent you from being happy…

When I’m not out messing around with my toys (i.e. – cameras, lenses, gadgets, etc.), I like to read books, listen to audios and watch videos that are motivational, educational and empowering.  There’s a fundamental truth that too often gets lost amongst the muck of living.  Hidden within the weeds of the mundane tedium that is our daily work routine or the constant barrage of negativity that oozes from the main stream media is the notion that we can accomplish anything we set or minds to.  Let Devin serve as a reminder that we can in fact live our lives by design, and that in the end – it’s worth the sacrifice.

Check out Devin’s work on his Youtube Channel Here.

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