Master Portrait Photographer Decides to Go Mirrorless

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In the video above, MC Contributor and Hybrid Photography Pioneer Will Crockett ( sits down with master portrait photographer Marc Hauser as he looks for a better way to shoot his famous sepia toned images.

Will and Marc work to make-over over Marc’s Chicago studio to see if using a mirrorless camera might be the still photo solution he’s looking for… which as Will put’s it, is to “capture the still photos that Marc is famous for, but with the secret sauce done in the camera, then having the added bonus of shooting high quality video that will match Marc’s stills.”

This is no easy task, but in the early rounds of testing, Marc has found that he can use theĀ Panasonic Lumix GH3 to get the setting that he wants in camera, and also gets the benefits of the GH3’s advanced autofocus functions, such as face detection, etc. – which has shown to be very reliable in contrast to the autofocus on Marc’s Canon 5D mark II.

Ultimately, Marc is looking for a camera that will produce the “right look consistently”, but can the GH3 deliver?

Watch the video above to find out…

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