Memory Card Throwdown – Sandisk Extreme vs Transcend, Plus a Transcend Wi-Fi SDHC Memory Card Review

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So you just picked up a shiny new digital camera and you’re wondering what memory card to get for it.  Should you go with the super high speed ultra expensive card or will a cheaper card do?

MindPower009 posted a nice side-by-side comparison between two of the leading prosumer SD Cards, the Sandisk Extreme Pro 95mb/sec 32GB SDHC card and the Transcend Class 10 32GB SDHC card.  In the video above, you’ll see footage recorded at the same location on both cards, to see if it’s worth it to spring for the more expensive Extreme Pro, or if the cheaper Transcend will do the job for you.

Our Take:  Yes…  the Sandisk Extreme is a better card and can provide you with better results, but it all depends on what exactly you’re using the card for.  Are you a vlogger or hobby filmmaker who’s shooting video to be published straight to YouTube or are you a pro videographer who’s shooting events or producing ads for paying clients.  Chances are, the Transcend Card will work just fine for 90% of the people reading this article, but if video production is your bread and butter, it might be worth it to spring for the better knife.

Another growing trend in the memory card world of late has been the emergence of Wi-Fi enabled SDHC cards, and a little while ago we reported that Transcend were planning on entering the Wi-Fi Memory Card market.  Well, the new Transcend Wi-Fi SDHC Class 10 memory cards are now out, available with 16gb or 32gb of storage capacity, and the gang over at ePhotozine have written up a review.

Here’s ePhotozine’s Verdict on the new Transcend SDHC Wi-Gi Memory Cards:

The Transcend Wi-Fi SDHC memory card offers you a way to give your camera Wi-Fi so you can edit and share pictures quickly and easily when out and about. We did struggle with some of the setup, particularly the internet mode as the instructions provided just aren’t clear enough. We found the write speed to be slow but we’re pleased to see it can work with iOS and Android, you can even connect via your computer. If you’re happy to pay this price for the card, you might as well pay the extra £15 and get the 32Gb version – double the amount of memory, if your camera is able to use this higher capacity.  (Read full review on ePhotozine)

Transcend Wi-Fi SDHC Class 10 Memory Card Pros

Works with iOS and Android, as well as being able to connect using a computer
Fast read speed
32Gb version offers much better value for money
Adds Wi-Fi to many cameras
Internet mode allows you to upload pictures straight to the web

Transcend Wi-Fi SDHC Class 10 Memory Card Cons

Slow write speed
Takes a while to learn how to use it properly


Our Take, Part Deux: 2012 marked the beginning of what I believe will be a wave of Wi-Fi enabled cameras that will no doubt be unveiled this year.  There are now Wi-Fi offerings from Sony and Panasonic, the new Olympus PEN Cameras come bundled with Eye-Fi cards, and Samsung have even launched a camera that runs on the Android Jellybean Operating System (Nikon and Polaroid are also set to launch cameras that run on the Android OS).

In my opinion, Wi-Fi enabled memory cards are a niche market that will fill the gap for people who want Wi-Fi on their cameras, but aren’t ready to pop for a new camera that already has wireless capabilities.  I predict that by 2014, pretty much ALL cameras will be Wi-Fi enabled, so unless you’re using an old camera, you really won’t need one of these.

Wi-Fi memory cards are pretty expensive right now, but as more wireless cameras are introduced, look for the prices of these cards to drop.  I’m personally going to hold off on buying one until the price dips a bit, and by that time, I’ll probably just pop for a Wi-Fi camera.

Check out an array of Memory Card Options from Sandisk plus Transcend (non-wireless) and Transcend (Wireless) Here


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