Metabones Clone in the Works? – Mikaton to Run the Metabones Speedbooster Through the Copy Machine

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Metabones created quite a buzz in the industry a few months ago when they announced their new Speedbooster adapters, which are purported to adapt legacy lenses to your Sony NEX and (soon) micro 4/3 cameras…  and to make those lenses faster and brighter in the process.  So it’s no small wonder that photographers are licking their chops at the prospect of getting their hands on one of these little beauties.

Also of little surprise is the latest rumor posted on SonyAlphaRumors that a copy may be in the works.

SAR Report…

“Metabones created an amazing adapter called the Speed Booster [which sells for] $399 for a manual adapter and up to $599 for an electronic adapter. So if you are praying for for a cheaper alternative, then your prayers [may be answered] by the Chinese company Mitakon. I have been informed that they are going to launch a much more affordable [version of the] “speed booster” in July. Price [is expected to be] at least half of the Metabones. Of course we have to see 1) if the quality of those adapters will be as good as the Metabones 2) and how the heck Mitakon will avoid getting into a patent dispute with Metabones.”

This one should be fun to watch…



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