Micro 4/3 vs High-end Compact (Panasonic GF3 vs LX-5)

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With camera manufacturers making their mirrorless cameras smaller and smaller these days, it leads one to wonder why people would consider a compact camera. In this video, Kai and Alamby of DigitalRevTV compare the two cameras while taking their “model” dog out for a walk, and then make some photography wishes at a wishing tree…

Check out the links for the featured cameras, plus their new updated versions below:


BanditArtFilm says:

GF3 urinate on the LX5… ROFL!

WWEThemesVideos says:

Kai’s British.

TheLee3000 says:

they are chinese, i don’t see a problem laughing with yourself

TheLee3000 says:

that’s hong kong, previously a colony of British, and now one of the most civilized Chinese place. I can be sure to you for being a local for 30 years nobody eat dogs anymore, and it’s illegal by the way. people love animals here, no animal abuse is accepted by the general public

MrDisease8 says:

shes hot

SlingerDun says:

McLamburger say’s: Your ‘skills’ were made in China… heheheheh cough cough cough, that’s some funny stuff right there!

wonderwall135 says:

Yes but chinese people have poor quality of life and hate their governments. it’s a shit place to live. you will have a civil war and overthrow your government haha

wonderwall135 says:


toocoolforu says:

Alamby has an australian accent i believe. But Kai definitely has a British accent.

toocoolforu says:

lol… not because mcdonalds is american that all americans eat there or are fat. Mexico is the fattest country in the world…
And more than half of chineses are very very poor. China is an emerging country, there shouldn’t be any comparison with North countries.

newbietuber99966 says:

I did not know Aussies call mosquitoes mozzies

newbietuber99966 says:

I thought Kai looked pretty short till 0:40

KpopLee says:

Another idiot that can’t distinguish an australian accent from a british one.

WhatTechShow says:


you seriously believe that? China is now much much richer than USA and can afford much much tastier food than americans who are well known for their greasy mcdonalds.

Dane Marstrom says:

your in china right, your not going t eat the dog right

digitalgear says:

i will pick the video cam …. lol

Lone Stone says:

what camera and lens was the video taken with. Looks pretty good.

FrozenXM898 says:

OMG another asian with a british accent

Qzyxya says:


Roderick Carlyle says:

Like the Dog.Brilliant..I used to have a Black one…or was it a negitive

mrc4nl says:

The girl is right on everything she sais.
“His skills are made in china” *ouch* thats gotta hurt

TheRealMarxz says:

well I’m guessing by the fact they’re using Pounds for currency when they talk about price this video is aimed at UK buyers… also Kai sounds like he’s from London and Alamby sounds east coast Australian (Melbourne?) so _maybe_ they can’t speak Mandarin or Cantonese well enough.

bigglyguy says:


bigglyguy says:

Well this was a shite review. To me the GF2 and 3 wandered away from what made the GF1/LX3 classics. It sums it up that even the compact old-school LX has a hotshoe (and yes I DO use a large flash on both my LX3 and GF1. Bounce-flash people, it’s for photos that people like…) I’m still pretty happy with my GF1 (just did a search from boredom) but if I replace it I certainly won’t go for that pointless dumbed-down touchscreen babycamera. It’s dying to be replaced by a phone. Bad move Panasonic.

oraichu says:

Sigh… just shows how shitty review/comparison it is when comments are mainly about the people, their accent, chinese literacy and “whateverthegirlsnameis is cute”. How about focusing on the cameras and less bullshit?

lukholda says:

pist me off, another stupid test… why they don’t speak chinese??

tallicafan85 says:

do an olympus pen review

Sam Power says:


xhevda1000 says:

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xhevda1000 says:

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Matthew Finnegan says:

i think its almby’s hair

MrDirkheim says:

I’m sure a lot of guys would like to be that dog.

MrNgMichael says:

I think Kai knows how to speak Chinese, but doesn’t know how to write, like me I guess…

SpeedFreakNO says:

Someones microphone is picking up noise from bags or paper.

Thorsten E. Gebuhr says:

Why – since he lives in Hong Kong he probably receives his check in English or Traditional Chinese.
One city with three different major written languages is confusing somehow 😉

ProducingMovement says:

‘up a fake f*ucking tree’

lemmonsinmyeyes says:

From what i understand, no… O.O

deadoverlord says:

Kai can’t speak or read Chinese (Cantonese/Mandarin)?

WizardofCake says:

Chick is cute. ;)

aidman110 says:

lol she has an ausy accentt and you have an english accent

Mathview says:

A feisty wise-cracking fetching female side-kick. Brilliant casting! Alamby is the Elaine of this Seinfeld.

ThisIzTheEdge says:

lol, I left a comment at 6:19 for the same reason!

ThisIzTheEdge says:

How quick is the camera? 6:19 LOL!!

Modifyyy says:

Your skills “are” made in China She even got it right.

Martin Polák says:

The fact that you can’t spell, makes you look dumb, because you’re not basically talking about anything lol

lemmonsinmyeyes says:

?? That has nothing to do with what I am talking about??

ThatShiGuy says:

you cant even spell Chinese

lemmonsinmyeyes says:

Kai must get very confused at payday, because he cannot read Chineze and his check is more than likely, in Chineze..

Dave van Thol says:

For marketing reasons:)!

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