Mirrorless Central Creator Explains Why He Chose Mirrorless Cameras for Pro Video Production

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Mirrorless Central Creator Scott Giorgini (that’s me ~_^) explains his top 7 reasons why a video professional would choose a mirrorless camera system vs a DSLR to build out a home studio.  I discuss HD video, lenses, DSLR limits, size, features, cost and why he feels that mirrorless cameras are the wave of the future.

Here’s my pick for the top Mirrorless Camera for Video Production…
The Panasonic Lumix GH3


Giulio Sciorio says:

Right on Scott! Featured this over at Small Camera Big Picture.

Thanks G!

Lisa says:

Okay so I was positive that i pkaced it, but clearly I didnt, okay so the camera is a fujifilm J20, and the charger came with it. she bought it from walmart, so do you think we can get a new charger there??

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