MUST WATCH: Special Sneak Preview of Will Crockett’s Latest Video – The ABCs of LEDs

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“If you’re not already using LEDs, you will be…”

MC Contributor and Hybrid Photography Pioneer Will Crockett knows the importance of having a continuous light source for shooting Hybrid – and as more photo and video pros begin to combine their work into innovative new Hybrid eProducts, on thing is certain.  LED Lighting will become the must have tool of the new generation.
So if you’re looking to add an LED or two to your portrait lighting kit, you want to see the best way to get the best possible color from any LED, you’re thinking about shooting TALKING portraits, or the LEDs you currently have only give you so-so color, then you can’t afford to miss the new in depth video by Will Crockett – The ABCs of LEDs.
Fixing color problems in your video files is a nightmare, so Will shares a handful of simple techniques and whole bunch of know-how to get every bit of great color from almost any LED (so you can skip the color corrections in post!).
MC Creator Scott Giorgini calls The ABCs of LEDs “the Bible of Hybrid Lighting,” and says that “When I want to know anything about Hybrid Photography, Will Crockett is the man!  He’s also one of the only people that I trust to give me all the information I need, and give it to me straight.”
The ABCs of LEDs is an all-new 38 minute video that shows you exactly how professional photographers can get excellent photos and video clips using LED lighting – and best of all, you can watch it online right now for only $9.99 in the new learning center.  From small shoe mounted fill lights, to powerful portable LEDs that glow and flash, to a glimpse of the studio LEDs you will be using in the future with precise control, continuous lighting is ready for you to use for video AND for still photos.

“It’s time for all serious image makers to start learning how to use LED lighting alone or mixed in with their strobes for portraiture.  Finally, LED is ready for picky pros”

Will shows you how to mix LED lights with room light, daylight, flash, and even with a TV in the background of the shot – all with the predictable color you can count on to let yourself be free to shoot photo or video any time you want.
The flash of tomorrow starts with the LEDs of today!


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