New Black Magic M43 Camera with Full Electronic Support Coming in 2013?

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43Rumors reports that there may be a new Black Magic Micro 4/3 Camera coming out next year that will feature full electronic support. In other words, all the power features on your Micro 4/3 lenses will work with the new camera! 43Rumors labels this one as an FT4, meaning that there’s a 61-80% chance that this is true.

Here’s the skinny from the 43Rumors Report:
I got multiple mails from different sources saying that Black Magic is working on a new version of their Micro Four Thirds mount camera. Unlike the current model (available here on BHphoto) this one will have “active m43 mount” which means it supports electronic contacts for zoom, aperture and focus control. It will also have phantom XLR, larger capacity battery and an external battery mount. And that’s not all! There will be an improved RAW coded and a slightly different design.

The camera should be announced in early 2013!

Editor’s note: This is a rumor based on “non-facts”. There is no official news from Blackmagic. So go for the actual Blackmagic M43 model if you want it. Don’t base your shopping intention based on rumors. If the current model is good enough for you buy it. If you absolutely need to have electronic contacts and support than wait and let’s hope the rumor turns out to be true!

This is GREAT NEWS for all you serious video producers out there. Check out our post on the BMC Micro 4/3 camera and you’ll see that this little beastie produces incredible quality, spanking the 5D Mark III for about the same price. We’ll keep our eyes on this one!


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