New Company Makes Shi… er, um… Schidt Lenses – Really!

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First, Canon announce that they’re working on a teenie, tiny little DSLR to compete with mirrorless systems, and now this…  A UK based manufacturer is making lenses under the name Dog Shi…  er…  DogSchidtOptiks – Really.  I mean, is it April Fools already?

Apparently, this is no joke.  These are real lenses and they’re based on classic 58mm f/2.0 Zeiss designs from the 1960s.


According to DogSchidt Shop Owner Richard Gale, “We hand machine each lens and apply various cool modifications to add extra character to your pictures or movies. The lenses are available in various styles. Please see our online video samples and our Options PDF, then choose your style! If unsure just let us know what video sample you like best and we will send you the right configuration.”

You can pre-order your own lens DogSchidtOptiks Store on Etsy – They’re selling for £100.00 GBP or about $153 USD, and you can get one to fit Canon, Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, etc. lens mounts.

(via 43Rumors)


LOL says:

Is it April yet?

Joto says:

Yes, this is really crap!

Hi Joto,

Hey… these things are based on Zeiss designs, so they might be pretty good. Let’s just hope they’re better than the name implies 😉

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