Breaking: New Firmware Update for Panasonic Lumix GH3 & Lumix Lenses Now Available!

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The best Hybrid Camera on the planet just got better…

New firmware updates are now available for the Panasonic Lumix GH3 and a pair of Lumix Lenses.  It seems that Panasonic have now simplified Wi-Fi connections between the GH3 and both PC and MAC computers, as well as adding a new high res MP4 option for video.  (video above features cool shots of Hong Kong taken with a GH3, courtesy of MergeProductions)

Details of the firmware update are as follows…

  1. Connecting to PC via Wi-Fi by inputting the computer name (the NetBIOS name for Apple Mac computers) is enabled.

  2. 1920 x 1080, 60p[NTSC]/50p[PAL], 28Mbps mode is added in the video recording option of [MP4].

  3. Speed of AF, consecutive shooting performance of AFC is enhanced in use with 14-42mm (H-PS14042) and 45-175mm (H-PS45175) Zoom Lenses.    (*Please update the firmware of the lens to its latest version).

  4. The monitor continues to display images during HDMI output even while [Auto LVF/Monitor OFF] is set.

  5. Stability of shutter interval during interval shooting is improved.

  6. When [Shutter AF] is OFF, operation is changed not to enlarge the image while using [Pinpoint AF] when even if shutter button is half-pressed.

  7. Performance of image signal processing is enhanced during video file playback.


Panasonic Global Site

Joint update service for Four Thirds lenses


jason moore says:

Has anyone been able to actually send files from the GH3 to a Mac using wifi? I downloaded the firmware and still can’t. And, I can’t find anyone on the internet who has. Have you? If so, can you please post detailed instructions? The manual is very confusing on this topic!

Hi Jason,

Thanks for your excellent question!

I have spoken directly with the team from Panasonic and sending files to a MAC was part of the recently released firmware update. As for how to do it, they are currently working on an instruction sheet which I will post here as soon as it is available. Our team will also create a video.

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