New Panasonic Camera Announcements Coming April 9th?

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The Panasonic Lumix G5 is one of the best cameras to be released in the last year, and it would easily be the flagship model in many company’s product lines.  Had it not been for the subsequent release of the Lumix GH3, it more than likely would’ve garnered a lot more attention.  Consequently, the G5 is probably one of the most overlooked cameras of the last year as well, and according to the folks over at 43Rumors, although the G5 was only released a scant 9 months ago it appears that Panasonic are on the verge of announcing the release of it’s successor (as well as the successor of the Lumix GF5).

43Rumors Reports…

According to multiple sources, there will be a Panasonic announcement on April the 9th, and both the new GF and G series cameras could be announced on the same day. It appears that both cameras will be slightly bigger than their predecessors, the GF5 and G5. I still have no final specs, but I have been told that the build quality and ergonomic feeling is of a “higher level“.

43Rumors lists this rumor as an “FT4” – meaning that there is a 61%-80% chance that it’s true.

My 2 Cents

I too have it on good authority that this rumor is true, and I’m excited to see what Panasonic will do with the new models (a new chip and beefed up video with mic input on the G5 successor?  I hope so!).

Another indication (and side benefit) that the rumor is true is the ridiculously great deals that you can get on these cameras right now.  When it was released, the Lumix G5 would’ve set you back over $800 USD.  It may not be as full featured as the GH3 or OM-D E-M5, but it’ll give many top tier cameras a run for their money where image quality and low light performance are concerned (It was the camera they used to shoot the 2012 London Olympics for Pete’s sake!).  It’s advanced enough for a pro, but easy enough to learn and use for a beginner, and right now you can get one with a lens for only $498 USD.  While the GF5 is aimed more at those making an immediate step up from point and shoot cameras (or even cell phone cameras), it still has enough cool features to make it appealing to a interchangeable lens newbie and it’s currently selling for only $399 USD.

In my opinion, the Panasonic Lumix G5 is the best deal you’ll currently find for a high quality camera and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s on the fence.  The Lumix GF5 is also a good camera, but if you’re thinking about picking one up then I would recommend considering spending the extra $99 USD to move up to the G5, or grab a Panasonic Lumix GX1 for $399 USD with a lens – same as the GF5.

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PhotoLynch says:

I’m excited to see this!

PhotoLynch says:

I’m super excited to see this! Everything your saying about the G5 is totally true. I’m hoping for some exciting new features, but the G5 is no slouch. Suggest anybody pick one up at the price, its even been at some lower prices too!

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