NEX-5R from Sony: Official Video Release

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Sony’s 5 Series boasts a new addition, NEX-5R. Inheriting the same high-quality imaging and ease-of-use for which the Series is renowned, NEX-5R builds on these strengths.

Check out the NEX 5R, and it’s new big brother, the NEX 6 below:


visitforthemusic says:

16.1 Megapixel EXMOR APS HD CMOS Sensor.

It is in the video at 0:34

jakub70h says:

Thanks for letting me know. The flash in NEX-3F is valuable addition and here it is lacking. NEX-7 would be good with Alpha 700/900 like joystick and menu, so far these are still toys with jammed menus… But at least I use one for minor work with old manual lenses. You never can get everything what you want in one camera from Sony.

お金 譲渡します says:

お金でお困りの方いらっしゃいませんか?いきなりの書き込み失礼致します。どなたかお金にお困りの方に現金5,000,000円をお譲りしたいと思っております。お困りの方のお力に少しでもなれればと思っております…。どなたか受け取ってはくれませんか?詳細等は、youtube内の動画検索で、【 お金差し上げます 】又は、【 五百万差し上げます 】で検索して頂ければ見て頂ける事ができます。どなた様でも構いません。ですが、書き込みが消えてしまう恐れがありますので、お早めのご連絡お待ちしております…

danapointtrainer says:


danapointtrainer says:

there IS a black kit lens, but you have to buy the NEX-7 to get it LOL

danapointtrainer says:

yes, it’s a customizable control dial… you can change it to different settings.

danapointtrainer says:

yes, you can… in fact… they’ve improved on it to tilt more

mczun666 says:

WTF is Xperia???

japanblacktv says:

Looks awesome!!! And yes, you can use all those lenses. That’s one of the the many things I loooove about the Sony Nex cameras 🙂

MilleniumVFX says:

Did anyone notice Sony Xperia Tablet 1:19?

rzero21 says:

You can use all of those lenses with that camera, I don’t see anything misleading =/

jakub70h says:

Am I right you can’t tilt the screen down like in good old NEX 5?

JogBird says:

im gonna steal this audio and use it for my videos

rushfz says:


AryaStarky says:

Yo where are the lenses? That shot at the end is so misleading.

king0baka says:

the apps, sony, such a simple yet inovating idea i LOVE it!!!!

BatakGemblung says:

Is there a new control dial on top of the camera? more battery life would be awesome! 🙂

rujakandroid says:

loved the Nex F3 buildin flash. Sorry.

MrChelove says:

No “Black” kit lens? No, thank you.

iEviiLxKiiDz09 says:

i love you sony

Axel Boberg says:

How many mp?

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