“Nippon Camera” Speculation – Expect 7 Micro 4/3 and 4/3 Cameras in 2013

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(via 43Rumors)  “Nippon Camera” published their camera roadmap for 2013, which is based on a combination of existing rumors and their own speculations.  If they’re right, then 2013 will mark the release of successors to some of the most popular cameras of the last few years – truly some exciting releases  for fans of micro 4/3 and 4/3 cameras.  It gives me the same feeling I had when I first saw the video above (for the release of the Panasonic Lumix GH3).

Nippon’s Guesses for Panasonic and Olympus:

image courtesy of 43Rumors

image courtesy of 43Rumors


  • E-P5 in April
  • E-M7 and E-7 in August


  • GF7 in March
  • G7 in August
  • GX2 in November
  • GH5 by end of the year

Side Notes

  • No surprises on the Olympus front.  These camera releases are just as expected
  • Panasonic must be making some major revisions or improvements to the GX2, as this speculated release date is a full year after last years rumored release in November of 2012
  • There must be something about the number 6 that has the camera companies skipping it the same way they do the number 4 in their model numbers
  • To me, the biggest surprise is that there will be a new GH series camera, as up until now, Panasonic have been releasing them every other year – usually coinciding with the Photokina Fair in Cologne, Germany.  But with a new OM-D coming out (the E-M7), it looks like Panasonic and Olympus will continue their game of leapfrog – good news for micro 4/3 fans – Stay Tuned!


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