Olympus E-P3 & 12mm f:2 Lens Very 1st look Video!

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Steve Huff check’s out the Olympus E-P3 digital PEN and the new “pro” 12mm f/2 lens. This is Steve’s 1st look video after snapping his first few shots…

The E-P3 is a “Micro Four Thirds” camera, which means that it is an interchangeable lens camera in the M43 format. One of the strengths M43 cameras is that there is are a TON of lenses available that you can use, from Olympus, Panasonic and other 3rd party manufactures, such as Voightlander Nokton – and many of these lenses are HIGH QUALITY! There are also numerous adapters available that will allow you to use other lens formats, such as Canon F-Mounts, that you can get very easily (and cheaply) from ebay or other sources.

Watch for the E-P5, coming soon!


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