Olympus PEN E-PL5 & E-PM2 First Look – Photokina 2012

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WhatDigitalCamera take a look at the new additions to the Olympus PEN series of interchangeable lens mirrorless cameras, the Lite (E-PL5) and Mini (E-PM2). Both of these cameras feature the same sensor and processor that’s used in Olympus’ flagship micro 43 camera, The OM-D E-M5, so they promise to provide HUGE RESULTS in their lite and mini bodies.

Check out the E-PL5 and E-PM2 below:


Juanito says:

Yes its all very interesting to take a look into the ptaoneitl future. Where is DSLR technology going to take us..? My beliefs are that the Pentaprism might go to be replaced by the mirror less shutter. This is a difinate i believe in providing more camera functions Aka faster frames per second, slow motion video. Larger pixel count and larger senses, lightening autofocus, zoom focus to see optimate sharpnes and clarity. With 3D video being populour, Extreme low light focus and capture abilities. Built in digital filters within the lens or firmware For Astro phototography, polerizers.Another possibility.. Plastic, Semi-disposible DSLR, Or rugged DSLR with plastic disposible lenses. Where am i going with this? Remember how digital printers got real cheap.. But remember how expensive the ink got. Brilliant A4 prints on a $150 printer, cost of ink $120 every month or 2 depending how frequently you used it and what level of quality image reproduction you are satisfyed with..But back to Cameras, Could Dslr’s Get smaller lighter, will the sensers stay small yet double the usable pixale count, eg Imagine a cmos senser with 100 usable mega pixales using a rechargable battery no larger than a watch battery, giving 12 hrs use time and 6 hrs with long penertrating flash illuminating over 100ms like daylight..?Its great fun to look into the crystal ball, But what do you see in the movies has in the past been frequently invented much later. As an example Those older enough to remember The Adventures of Dick Tracy will know that he always communicated through his watch many years before the first bulky mobile phone with a huge battery pack you had to lug around. To take this a step further 2 years ago a friend purchased a watch online for $150. This watch would be the same size as a divers watch, It takes a sim card and not only can you use it as a mobile phone, it takes picture, video and you can even Browse the web.. However the screen size is the same size as a normal watch face..Buts its anybodys geuss. At the moment in April we have the resenably cheap Nikon D800 with 36 Megapixel with image quality that is trully amazing, though image quality suffers at either end of the scale.Then there are the rumours of a Canon 7D mark II, Whilst Canon Teases us with the new 700D with digi 5 processor but at the moment you cant purchase it..And then to look into the more distant future, Hologram imaging seems very likely, Yet how do we make a still photo that takes a 360 degree image within 4 planes, so that whe can veiw the image from what ever angle we may choose, Would this technology bend light and ptaoneitly be able to read how dark matter passes through an object with the camera using Xray wavelenght or radiation to capture an image and translate all this information into an interactive image ? Or possible we buck the consumerism trend to have quality simple designed extremely reliable camera we hand down to our children and like Geoff has commented retern to film using a new type of negative and safer processing chemicals to play with in a red lit darkroom..Pete

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