Olympus SEMA 1 External Microphone Adapter Set

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(Video above shot with the Rode Videomic Pro. No music, just the ambient sound from the pictured set up, which does work hand-held)

From SoundImagePlus –  If a camera has any pretensions to shoot serious video, then an external microphone socket with the ability to accept the standard stereo mini jack is essential.  Olympus have a “solution” in the shape of the SEMA-1 adapter set, which consists of a module which fits onto the accessory port hotshoe of the OM-D with the socket in it. It also comes bundled with a clip on stereo mic and a connecting lead.

The stereo mic is OK, probably useful for on-camera interviews, but with its flimsy short lead, not much use for anything else. It also compresses the sound in a quite unpleasant way. The add-on also puts the hotshoe out of action so I had to mount my Rode mic using an external flash bracket, which I happened to have sitting in a drawer. So if you want to attach a mic to the camera you’ll have to get something similar as well.
The socket does what its supposed to, and I did a quick test with the OM-D and the sound was better than the built-in mics. My Rode has a nice bottom end, which the on-board Olympus mics do not.  (Read full article on SoundImagePlus)


Our Take:  Poor sound quality of the onboard microphone is a weakness of the OM-D E-M5, which otherwise shoots great video (you can’t go wrong with their 5 point In Body Image Stabilization). Even though it’s yet another add on, at $54.55 (plus another $229 if you don’t already have a Rode – it really does make a difference) it’s worth the investment, especially for those who are serious about getting great video.


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