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**NOTE: When referring to the touch screen in the video, the reviewer erroneously states that the GH3 has a resistive touch screen and not a capacitive touch screen. She actually got that backwards. The GH3’s touch screen is capacitive, like that of an iPhone.
The Panasonic GH3 arrives as the direct replacement for the popular but aged GH2. The new cameras sees the 16.1 million pixel sensor coupled with a new Venus Engine processor, (Venus Engine FHD) which Panasonic have said will enable better noise performance at high sensitivity values, especially in the shadows, thanks to its multi stage noise reduction system.

Panasonic has extended the GH3’s video capability in comparison with the Panasonic GH2, so Full HD footage can be recorded at 50, 25 or 24p at 50Mbps.

In response to feedback, Panasonic has also changed the microphone input port on the GH3 to the popular 3.5mm socket.

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