Panasonic GH3 – Interview with Panasonic’s Sebastian Drawert

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43Rumors posted this video-interview by Megapixel with Sebastian Drawert from Panasonic.

Here are some bullet points from the interview:

  • The huge success of the Lumix GH2 (the predecessor to the GH3) as a video camera was a surprise to Panasonic.
  • The development of the GH3 was at least in part the result of a great deal of feedback from pro videographers.
  • The GH3 abandons the multi aspect ratio sensor used in the GH2 in order to improve image quality according to Mr. Drawert .
  • While the GH2 was a 60% video and 40% stills camera the GH3 is more of a 50%-50% according to Mr. Drawert.
  • The GH3 we saw in photokina didn’t have focus peeking – this is not a hardware issue and might be added later on in firmware (although nothing is set at this point).
  • Although Panasonic did not announce a sound grip (like Sony did with the A99) this is an option Panasonic will definitely look into.
  • Panasonic showcased two new prototype lenses in photokina 2012 – a 150mm f2.8 (300mm in 35mm equivalent) and a 42.5mm f/1.2 (a 85mm in 35mm equivalent). Both lenses should be available next year.
  • Panasonic developed applications for the GH3 for both android and iOS based devices including ones which uses the cellular device’ GPS (so no internal GPS is required by the camera) as well as a remote etc.
  • It is possible to view images on the computer from the camera in “real-time” however bandwidth limitations meas that RAW image will still take 20-30 seconds to transfer.
  • Panasonic currently doesn’t have plans to allow developers to create apps for its cameras but it doesn’t rule anything for the future and will continue to evaluate the development of the connected camera market.

Thanks to 43Rumors for sharing this great interview by Megapixel!

Editor’s note:  The GH3 looks like an incredible camera, especially to a video guy like me [drools ~_^] — SG

Check out the new Panasonic Lumix GH3 below:


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