Panasonic GH3 – The Birth of Hybrid Imaging?

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Will Crockett of hosts an interactive conversation between experts from Panasonic, Manfrotto Lighting and fellow Photogs Frederick Van Johnson of and Giulio Sciorio of as they discuss a new frontier in Photography that we may be currently witnessing… the birth of “Hybrid Imaging.”

With the release of the Panasonic Lumix GH3, we are seeing the advent of a new breed of powerful, mirrorless cameras that are giving large full frame DSLRs a run for their money with superb image quality in still photos, while offering superior quality HD Video with a range of new capabilities. The panel also discusses the advent of “always on” LED lighting that may be replacing expensive flash rigs in the not too distant future. Watch the discussion to see just where you might fit in to the new generation of Hybrid Imaging.

Check out the GH3 and a full array of Manfrotto LED lighting below:


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