Panasonic GX2 Release in November?

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Looks like there are more and more hints about a possible release for the new Panasonic GX2, as early as this November (2012). lists this as an “FT4”, meaning that there’s a 61-80% chance that this is going to happen.

Here’s what they have to say:

Months ago I already published rumors about a possible GX1 successor coming after Photokina. Now rumors are getting stronger. According to multiple anonymous sources a Panasonic announcement is scheduled for the first half of November. One of the sources said that the GX2 has some “major differences” from the current GX1 and has “the same PGH3 sensor“. The current GX1 got multiple price drops during the last weeks. The GX1 with kit lens costs less than the “supposed to be cheaper” GF5 with same lens! I am still not sure if the camera will have a built-in viewfinder like the DMC-L1 or not.

P.S.: I also heard that there will be no new lens announced along the GX2.

We agree with 43Rumors that all signs are pointing to a GX2 launch sometime soon. The video above of course, is for the GX1, which was one of our favorite cameras last year, and you can now get it at a steal of a price. In fact, we’re now listing the GX1 along with the GH2 as two of our “Biggest Bargains” with their prices dropping so low since the launch of the GH3 and with impending launch of the GX2.

Check ’em out below:


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