Panasonic Lumix GF6 Hands On Preview

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The new Lumix GF6, which is Panasonic’s new entry level replacement for the Lumix GF5, is now hitting stores.  The new model features a lot of exciting upgrades over the previous model, including a 16mp sensor (the same as the GX1’s) tiltable touch screen, wifi and NFC (Near Field Communication – a bump to share feature).  The GF6 also gains style points over it’s predecessor, with a more substantial build (albeit slightly bigger), sleek metal top plate and mode dial.

PhotographyBlog recently got to spend some quality time with the new GF6 and posted their initial impressions of the new model.

PB’s Initial Thoughts on the GF6…

“The Panasonic DMC-GF6 is a very well made little camera that feels better built than its price tag would suggest. With the [new] 14-42mm II lens attached, the camera feels substantial without being heavy, which is a good thing. The control layout is logical – we especially liked the function lever, which provided for an easy way to set exposure compensation; and the second function button, which gave us direct access to ISO sensitivity settings. The high-resolution screen was very nice and sharp, and as mentioned above, it really was easy to see outdoors. The camera was responsive with a quick start-up and truly lightning-fast auto focus. Much to our surprise, we even found some of the Creative Control effects useful, if only for JPEG shooting. While we shall reserve final judgment until we can deliver you our fully-fledged in-depth Panasonic GF6 review based on a production model with final firmware; I’ll venture to say that unless you absolutely need a hot-shoe or accessory port, you may well find the GF6 a more tempting proposition than the higher-positioned Lumix GX1.”  (Read full preview on PhotographyBlog – video preview above courtesy of CNET Asia)

My 2 Cents

The Panasonic Lumix GF6 is an attractive alternative for those looking to step into interchangeable lens cameras from point and shoots.  It incorporates many of the features that we feel will be must haves over the next 2 years, including wi-fi and NFC.  The tiltable touch screen is a big plus as well.  While we would’ve liked to see a hot shoe, the high quality 16mp sensor and bevy of great lenses inherent to the micro 4/3 standard should put the GF6 right into contention with competing models from Sony (NEX 3n and NEX 5r) and Olympus (PEN Mini E-PM2 and PEN Lite E-PL5).  With the Lumix GH3 currently setting the bar for Hybrid cameras and a new G6 on the horizon, look for Panasonic to make some noise over the next few months.

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