Panasonic Lumix GF6 Photos Accidentally Hit Web Prior to Release

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Oops…  Looks like someone over at Techradar prematurely released a review of the new Panasonic Lumix GF6 even though the camera isn’t scheduled to be released until April 9th (next Tuesday).

The review was quickly taken down, but not before some eager folks grabbed some of the photos and posted them up in numerous places on the interwebs.  There’s a gallery of the leaked photos over on Imgur (featured in the video above and embedded at the bottom of this article) and some on the DPReview forums.

What’s in the new GF6?

It looks as if Panasonic are kicking things up a few notches for their GF series cameras.  From a styling standpoint, the new camera looks much more luxurious than previous GF iterations, taking some cues from many of the current retro influenced cameras hitting the market – complete with a mode dial and metal plate across the top.  Also included in the new model is a tilting touch screen that swings a full 180 degrees – perfect for self portraits.

Inside, the GF6 gets a boost from a new 16mp micro 4/3 sensor (the same as that which is found in Panasonic’s popular GX1 – which is currently selling on Amazon for as low as $274 USD!) and Venus Processing Engine.  It also looks as though the GF6 may also be joining the WiFi party as endgadget reports that “the Lumix GF5’s sequel will make networking one of its centerpiece upgrades.”

Although the TechRadar review was removed from their website, information about the camera was gleaned through Google’s cache. In addition to the features listed above, the GF6 will also come equipped with in-camera effects and editing tools.  Another cool feature on the GF6 is Near Field Communications, a bump to share function that allows photos and videos to be transferred by simply touching two cameras together.

The camera will will come with the new 14-42mm kit lens and is expected to cost roughly $680 USD.

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