Panasonic Lumix GF6 Preview

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Gordon Laing of CameraLabs catches up with Lumix UK Product Manager Barney Sykes to talk about the new Panasonic Lumix GF6 micro 4/3 camera.

Other than the name and a cursory resemblance to it’s predecessor, there is much that separates the GF6 from the previous model.  Indeed, Panasonic have raised the bar considerably with the new Lumix GF6.

On the outside, it’s slightly larger than the GF5, and the new model also incorporates a mode dial, metal top plate and a tilting touch screen (a’la smart phone) that can flip a full 180 degrees to face forward for self portraits.

The upgrades continue on the inside as the GF6 houses a new 16mp sensor which we believe to be inherited from the GX1, but this one is powered by the latest Venus processing engine for superior image quality (and it’s interesting to note that Gordon refers to the GF6 as an “upgrade” to the GX1).  The GF6 also has wifi and NFC (or Near Field Communications – a bump to share feature) capabilities that I believe will become the norm for camera releases in the near future.  Unfortunately, the NFC won’t work with iOS devices at this point, but the ball for that is now squarely in Apple’s court.  As with Panasonic’s flagship Lumix GH3, the wifi functionality of the GF6 will allow wireless integration with, and remote control by, various smart devices (phones and tablets) via the Panasonic Lumix Link App, as well as instant sharing to the internet and social media sites.

The GF6 also has new creative modes added (19 in all – and these are a blast to use), including one aimed right at food photographers.

Missing from the GF6 is a 1080p video mode, mic input jack and hotshoe, but then again, the GF series are meant to be more entry level ILC models despite the fact that the GF6 has very much raised the bar over previous models.

Look for the GF6 coming in May…

Another interesting side note is that Mr. Sykes said that there will be no upgrade to the GX1 (i.e. – GX2) for “the foreseeable future.”  Of all Panasonic cameras, the GX1 is the one which is most due for an upgrade.  This makes me wonder what Panasonic have planned for the next iteration in their GX series.


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