Panasonic Lumix GH3 High ISO Samples – and a Hybrid eProduct

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MC contributor Will Crockett ( takes the new Panasonic Lumix GH3 and the new Pro lenses for a high society (and high ISO) evening at the art museum.

In this video, Will exhibits the low light capabilities of the new camera in the form of a Hybrid eProduct – a combination of still photos, video and audio that is the coming wave in pro photography.

Will writes:  Part of my attraction to mirrorless cameras is that they are lots easier to shoot hybrid than DSLRs. Sure, the “smaller  &  lighter than DSLR” element is great, but it’s the image that counts right?

Well, I’m now convinced, after shooting the new pair of pro f2.8 zooms from Lumix that I can shoot better and faster hybrid photo+video+audio images with mirrorless using the soon-to-be-released GH3.  These images, that are assembled into a very basic eProduct, were shot with the Lumix GH3 and the 12-35mm, the 35-100mm zooms and the 8mm Lumix fisheye,  all at ISO 1600 and higher with many at ISO 2500+.   All jpeg, lots of in-camera color processing, very little post processing in LR4.
Notice too the video that shows a guy walking next to the art installation – it’s in slo-mo and is smmmoooooth as glass – I did that in post to see how choppy it would be and it’s not at all.  This is yet another image format we don’t get (easily) from DSLR video. We are testing the GH3 lots more this week and are pretty sure it’s the replacement to the pro’s DSLR when you are ready to move forward into hybrid.
Please look closely at this eProduct and see the future of photography – for me at least.  (Read Article on

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