Panasonic Lumix GH3 Outscores DSLRs in Consumer Reports’ Lab Tests!

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Consumer Reports recently tested a large group of SLR and “SLR-Like” cameras (in other words…  mirrorless) and were surprised to find that one camera, the Panasonic Lumix GH3, “scored higher than all the SLRs tested in this group.”

The reasons behind the results…

CR states the following – “…part of the story revolves around how the Lumix DMC-GH3 and other SLR-likes have built in many of the features consumers want. For example, the GH3 is one of the few advanced cameras with a swiveling touch-screen LCD. And you can set focus and shoot by touching the display. You can find this feature on some smart phones, but most SLRs won’t have it, as they don’t have touch screens.

Also, the GH3 is one of the few models that captures exquisite video. And it has an electronic viewfinder that may give TTL (through-the-lens) viewfinders (the only kind you’ll find on SLRs) a run for their money, since you can review your photos or videos on an electronic one.”

Mirrorless = Innovation and Advanced Features

We’ve often stated in this space that the biggest innovations and advancements in sensors and imaging capabilities in the last few years have come from mirrorless cameras.  Just take a look at our favorite cameras of the last year and you’ll see a lundry list of innovation – and it would seem that Consumer Reports Agree, noting that SLR-like cameras like the GH3 and the Sony NEX 6 (another camera that scored highly on their test) often are the first to include cutting edge technology.

CR goes on to say that “both (the GH3 and NEX 6) include built-in Wi-Fi, so you can control the camera from a smart phone or tablet and back up your photos and video to a computer. Both models can capture 3D photos, too. Very few SLRs have either capability.”

Final Assessment…

Just more affirmation that cameras like the GH3 are proving that mirrorless technology can now match, if not surpass that of their larger [D]SLR cousins – and we agree with Consumer Reports’ final assessment…   “The age of mirrorless SLR-likes appears to have arrived.” (Read Article on Consumer Reports – Video above features footage shot with the GH3, courtesy of SuperSlowDan on YouTube)

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