Panasonic Lumix GH3 vs Nikon D800 – Shooting a DSLR and a Mirrorless on the same job.

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Two Pro Photographers (MC Contributor Will Crockett of and his good friend and colleague Wayne Ross), both of whom are VERY familiar with Nikon and Panasonic Cameras, take a new Panasonic Lumix GH3 and a Nikon D800 out for a day of shooting to compare their functionality in real world conditions.

Will writes:  As photo and video professionals, we need to be as efficient as possible with our time when shooting hybrid. I want to be comfortable and confident when it comes to recording the moment in still as well as when to use the video button, but shooting hybrid using even a great DSLR has it’s challenges. Alternating from still photo to video, then back to photo takes a lot of time. Mirrorless cameras are actually designed for hybrid and are easy to flip between photo and video.  In fact, the camera in this video will shoot both simultaneously.

But what if you don’t have a mirrorless and there’s no budget for one now? Should you skip learning hybrid? No way! Hybrid photography is the future, so you need to start now.

We pulled out two very comparable cameras and shot the same running and jumping pups to see the difference between shooting this job on a Nikon D800 + 70-200, and the Lumix GH3 + 35-100. Both lenses are constant ap, hefty, pro grade lenses with about the same coverage from the photographers perspective. But that’s where the similarities end.  (Read article on

Editor’s Note:  The Panasonic Lumix GH3 is the best Hybrid Photography Machine available today, hands down.

Check out the Panasonic Lumix GH3 Here


spineblaZe says:

Good breakdown, and very unbiased, nice work.

DiscoverMirrorless says:

LOL!! Good one! dontcha love the forum trolls that would rather argue about “equivalencies” instead of how the darned thing makes an image? They are 2 great cameras, I still have not decided what to do with our GH2’s – do we keep some / all / none? I’m still on the fence. Will C.

iancdavis85 says:

HOW DARE YOU! THIS IS CLEARLY UTTER BS! DONT YOU KNOW THE EQUIVALENCE OF F/2.8 ON MICRO IS REALLY F/5.6?! *Trolling*. Good to see level headed photographers not concerned with all of the random specs and speaking from actual user experience. 2 great cameras. I regularly use a huge dslr and lenses, but am planning to slowly build out a micro system as well.

DiscoverMirrorless says:

Hey Kim! Hello sir! Once again, you are right on the money sir. The GH3 I have is not a production version and it will not do that. I assume it will. I have done all kinds of fun video AF tricks with the G5. The touch focus pull while it’s recording is simply amazing. thanks for the post. when are you going to vlog for discovermirrorles? We NEED you!

Kim Letkeman says:

Enjoyed the video and I have to say that as a long time Nikon shooter I agree with all your conclusions. One thing struck me, though. It was mentioned that you could not change the AF point with touch while filming through the EVF. In fact, with touch AF enabled I am able on my G5 to do just that for pull focus without removing my eye from the VF. The GH3 probably does it too, although I cannot verify that this trick also works on the GH3 in dedicated movie mode (which the G5 does not have.)

duaneadam says:

I own the Nikon d800 and the review is dead on with one exception. The d800 does not, in my opinion, shoot “gorgeous” video. It shoots very average, 24mbps video even with very expensive glass attached. Wish it wasn’t so but it looks as if the GH3 is a better camera in that regard.

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