Pico Dolly and LED Lights – Shooting Food with Hybrid Imaging

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MC Contributor and Pro Photo/Video Stud Will Crockett (DiscoverMirrorless.com) discusses the tools and methods he used on a recent shoot for a Chicago Cupcake Company that has caught the attention of Food Blogger Paula Thomas.

Will writes:  I made friends with a very talented food blogger in Seattle who saw a small hybrid cupcake piece I made for a local baker. She, like most foodie bloggers, wants a speedy way to show the food for their posts. But when I read most blogs I always think of how much better the blogger can get their point across about the dining experience and the food itself by taking a better photo… then moving into a hybrid photo+video+audio image instead of just one still photo? The audio is a biggie for sure – imagine the difference in sound between a dirty water hotdog on 7th ave in Manhattan vs a celebratory dinner at Everest here in Chicago. The audio will add dimension to even a still image and it’s SO easy to do.
Hybrid imaging is the way to go for foodies and I am the guy to help them get there. I have all the tips and tools to keep hybrid quick, cheap, easy, and REALLY cool! Lemme show you some of them? Here’s a little post I made to show how I used a Pico Dolly (see our recommended list on discovermirrorless) to shoot a pretty cool shot of the yummy cupidity cup cakes from Miss Joans here in Naperville using a mirrorless camera and a sweet macro lens. and yes, the original cupcake piece is in this post too.

Check out the pico dolly and manfrotto led light Here


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