Pro Photographers Losing Customers to Mommy Cams? Time to Get a Move On!

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MC Contributor Will Crockett ( discusses the coming wave of new technology and cutting edge techniques that will soon become the standard for the Pro Photographer.  We are on the edge of an era where new and exciting imaging products are about the shake up the world of Photo and Video just like the iPhone shook the world of communication.  Are you ready to blaze the trail…  or will you be left in the dust?

Will writes:

We photographers are truly odd creatures. We’re set in our ways and are resistant to change, but as soon as we “see” how a new idea or new product can work for us – we’re all over it. As we move into the future of photography, we are recognizing that more people view our images on electronic screens instead of in picture frames and that simple fact opens up so many doors for us. Let’s take advantage of that? If you have not thought about how you will be making and selling eProducts that have some form of movement in them, it’s time to get a move on.
Please, don’t get left behind?

Here’s a Sneak Peak Will’s FANTASTIC New Hybrid Imaging Video Series, “The Smarter Photographer.” If you like what you see, then don’t miss the special offer below the video:

The SMARTER Photographer is a new video series that guides you into the newly emerging world of hybrid imaging. By sharpening your shooting skills and embracing new ideas, we blur the lines between photo and video and show you the smarter way to shoot, shape, show, share and even sell some of the most engaging images you’ve ever seen.

This amazing video series is presented by world-class photographer and imaging expert Will Crockett and other photographers that are moving into hybrid, and each volume in the series will present new angles, ideas, and improvements.

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