Pro-tog Cheap Camera Callenge – To Infinity and Beyond!

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A little entertainment for the New Year, courtesy of Kai Wong, Alamby and the DRTV Crew.

In the DigitalRevTV season finale, Kai and Co. are back with their Pro Tog Cheap Camera Challenge.  This time, it’s  David “The Strobist” Hobby taking on the cheap camera challenge with a Buzz Lightyear camera and 3 Family Jewels Fuq 690 flashes. Kai and the gang give David 5 challenges, 5 locations, 5 subjects, and he has to shoot all of them with just the BLS (Buzz Lightyear special) and his own resourcefulness.

To Infinity and Beyond!

To Infinity and Beyond!

In this challenge, David photographs:

  1. a snake master with an orgy of snakes (including cobras)
  2. bamboo bouncing noodle makers
  3. sealing stone making
  4. a bright yellow Lamborghini
  5. a Shaolin Monk martial arts expert.

…but is he up to the challenge?

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PhotoLynch says:

This was a fun watch. Though I think the Zack Arias one was a little better, it’s interesting to see David in action in the field.

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