Pro-tog Lists 10 Reasons Why He’s Switching to an Olympus OM-D E-M5 from a Canon 5D mk II

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Pro Fashion Photog Jonathan Posner lists 10 reasons why he’s trading in his gi-normous and cumbersome Canon 5D mk II and opting to go with on Olympus OM-D E-M5 instead.  Posner’s is just one of the latest names on a growing list of pros who are figuring out that the newest generation of mirrorless camera systems have come a loooooong way from the early releases of a few years ago, and the newest kids on the block can now easily hang with the big boys when it comes to Image Quality, and they pack a vast array of advanced features that leave bigger and heavier cousins in the dust.  I’m surrounded every day by photo and video pros who have come to this realization…  heck, I AM a photo/video pro that had the same flash of insight not too long ago, and our numbers are growing fast.  So Dear Jonathan…  Welcome to the club!

Jonathan Posner’s 10 Reasons to switch to the OM-D

1. Sometimes it’s just nice to be ahead of the curve.

2. If I thought I wasn’t going to get the image quality I both need and desire I wouldn’t be doing it.

3. Sure, one can put the full-frame Canon against the Micro Four-Thirds Olympus and tell the difference (possibly). But that isn’t going to make me a better and more creative photographer. If clients commission me it’s not going to be because of the size of camera I’m using. Not any more. There are way more successful pro photographers than me who’ve already done what I’m about to do.

4. Amongst the best portrait lenses in the world is the Olympus M. Zuiko 45mm f/1.8. Its quality is sensational, it’s made of metal, it weighs less than five ounces and costs $399 USD (except that Olympus are currently giving them away free with the camera).

5. Amongst the best portrait lenses in the world is the f1.2 85mm Canon L. Its quality is sensational, it weighs 2.3lbs (7 times the weight of the Olympus) and it currently retails for $1,999 USD (though you can pick them up for around £1700).

6. The OM-D fits the hand like a glove, is exceptionally well designed and is a dream to shoot with. Its build quality is equal to, if not better, than the Canon’s.

7. The OM-D = brilliant design + huge sensor advances + sophisticated processing engine + superlative optics.

8. This small camera has the world’s first 5-axis in-body image stabilization system. Which means what? That you can shoot with a telephoto lens at 1/20 second – and publish the results.

9. It’s small.   The body and the four lenses that I’m getting for this camera will comfortably fit into the sponge-bag I take on holiday.  I can shoot professionally with the OM-D in all kinds of locations and hardly attract any attention. Try shooting with a Canon 5D and L lens in the London Underground and see how far you get. And it means I can carry the whole lot in a tiny shoulder-bag while I’m shooting.

Editors Note:  for a good illustration of this, check out the video above from skochan on Youtube.  Just look at how small that bag is, yet look at how much M43 shooting power he packs into it – and it weighs less than 7 lbs!  (skochan also has great taste in camera bodies and lenses)

10. I’m sentimental. The Olympus OM-1 was the first grown-up camera I owned. It was revolutionary in its day – and also the most beautiful camera ever made. Twenty years after I bought it it accompanied me across 32 American states and 14,000 miles. I used it every day.  (via 43RumorsRead full article on Jonathans’s Blog)

My 2 Cents

The Olympus OM-D E-M5 was one of the first cameras to legitimately get pros to consider using mirrorless systems instead of their DSLRs.  It’s smaller size, cool retro styling and top notch build and image quality combined with it’s advanced sensor technology and revolutionary 5 point IBIS are compelling factors that have already won over a large number of shooters.  Since it’s release, the OM-D has been joined by other professional caliber offerings from Panasonic, Sony and Fuji, and you can expect to see more advancements and Pro-Level bodies and lenses that will accelerate the migration to mirrorless cameras in the near future.

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Marty says:

Which bag is that?

Great question Marty. Not sure what bag that is, and Jonathan only identifies it as an “old DSLR Bag”. Here’s a post we put up last week with some of our favorite camera bags >>

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