Pro-tog Zack Arias Declares “The DSLR is Dead”

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A couple weeks ago we published Pro Photographer Zack Arias’ thoughts on the new Fuji X100s fixed lens compact camera, which he proudly proclaims to be “the greatest camera ever made.”  Now, in the video above, Arias is following up his own review of the X100s with the bold declaration that “the DSLR is Dead.”

On a recent trip to Istanbul, Turkey in March of 2013, Zack Arias put the new Fuji X100s through its paces while walking into the heart of the city, where he finds his new passion – street photography.  The video above features Zack’s walkabouts in Istanbul with the X100S where you can see him in action shooting the sights and people of Istanbul.  Enjoy!

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Shayne says:

Rubbish, These little cameras although convenient at times have nowhere the same speed or image quality as the higher end dslr.

I did buy the x100s and frankly the nich it fills for me is only one of a disposable travel camera .

The x100s is being touted as a very good street camera and if street portraiture is your thing then sure but to me this camera has the focus speed of a tortoise on ice so capturing candid shots just doesn’t happen as you end up being a standing pillar which people tend to notice and look at.

DSLR dead ? bold words indeed from a scion of photography but more BS. then fact.

Thanks for the comment, Shayne – But I’m afraid I’m going to have to go with Arias on this one. While it may not be the Fuji X100s that signals the end of the DSLR, it certainly is one of a growing number of mirrorless systems that have closed the gap, if not surpassed their DSLR counterparts in many aspects.

The future is Hybrid, it’s coming a lot more quickly than even I imagined it would, and mirrorless cameras are much better suited to hybrid than DSLRs.

I mean no offense here, Shayne… and everyone is welcome to voice their opinions here on MC. But I’ve had a peek into the crystal ball and have seen what’s coming – and the advances in mirrorless cameras over the next 12-24 months are going to blow you away. Stay tuned!

Stanley Philmont says:

Can we please kill the “Tog” meme (with fire) before it gains a solid foothold.
..Some .Kid buys a dslr, charges the battery,doesn’t understand the difference between an aperture and a “stop” and suddenly he’s calling himself a “Tog”…Uhm no.

It is yet another open display of the lazy, uneducated, misspelled, twitterverse shorthand so prevalent in this declining thug culture.

Henri Cartier Bresson was not a “Tog”. Nor Robert Capa, Richard Avedon, Steve Mccurry.Or James Nachtwey( fill in the blank with your favorite giants of the history of photography).Respectyourself;respect your craft, respect the giants whos’ shoulders you stand upon.

Sorry, Stanley… I’m just down with my peeps. Furthermore, I believe that you meant to say “Respect the giants upon whose shoulders you stand.” 😉

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