Quantum Omicron LED Ring Light – This New Hybrid Light is One of the Best!

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MC Contributor Will Crockett (DiscoverMirrorless.com) showcases the awesome new LED Ring Light, the Quantum Omicron. Quantum have been making some of the best lighting, flash, wireless controllers, photo meters, and all kinds of other gear for years, and the Omicron LED Ring Light is definitely no exception.

Here’s Will’s Comments on the video:
Snappy, snazzy, punchy, poppy ringlights are a part of my photographic style when shooting either DSLR or Mirrorless. For years I’ve used the ringflashes from Elinchrom and Profoto (still do!) but Quantum has introduced a hybrid ringlight called the Omicron that provides both flash and continuous LED light. It’s smaller, lighter, all battery powered and it’s killer.
Here’s a short video on why I like it for photo and for video shoots where I want a little different look.

Editor’s Note: While it’s true that there are tons of el cheapo lights that you can get on ebay or Craig’s List or wherever, Will is spot on when he talks about the color variations created by some of that bargain lighting. The Quantum Omicron might cost a little more up front, but what you’ll save in time and effort correcting the color in post (if you can) and the sheer quality of the product will more than make up for it.

As a video guy first, I can tell you that lighting (IMHO) is even more important in video as it is in still photography, and I know it’s VITAL for my photo snapping colleagues.

Take this little piece of advice for what it’s worth, but two things you never want to skimp on when it comes to producing high quality images are Lenses and Lighting – and Quantum makes some of the best. If you’ve found some other solutions that work for you, please leave me a note in the comments section.

Oh… BTW – In the second half of the video, Will is promoting his new video series, The Smarter Photographer. Those of you who are kind of foggy on the whole “Hybrid Imaging” thing might want to watch it all the way through, because you’ll start to get the picture (no pun intended ~_^) on what’s coming down the pike in the photo-video world. The lines are about to get really blurry, my friends! — SG

Check out some of the cool gear that will used in the video below. If you’re interested in The Smarter Photographer, just click the ad in the sidebar and make sure to use the promo code ‘smartercentral’ to save yourself a few bucks.


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