Ram Truck Super Bowl Commercial is a Brilliant Example of Hybrid Photography

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Hybrid Photography, the skillful blending of still photos, video, audio and graphics to create new and moving works of art that can be delivered via the web or smart devices, is the coming wave.  If a picture speaks a thousand words, then Hybrid speaks a million.  And the Dodge Ram Truck ad on SuperBowl Sunday, which is a brilliant example of the power of Hybrid Photography, spoke volumes.

Each component of the Ram Truck ad is a powerful and compelling piece in it’s own right.  On their own, each individual image used in this piece beautifully captures the grit, hard work and dedication of the American Farmer.  On it’s own, Paul Harvey’s commentary is stirring to say the least.  But when you put these wonderful components together something truly magical happens, and what was once a collection of great individual parts becomes a timeless piece.  An instant classic that will no doubt be remembered for generations.

Andy Anderson, one of the 10 photographers whose images were used in the piece wrote a blog post about the experience and states the following…

“10 photographers capturing on there own terms the life of a farmer and rancher. All of us searching for meaningful images. Not any one photo rising above any others, but collectively voicing a message for folks and a vocation we have all really taken for granted. The last truly archetypical American worker. And who better else to match the images with than Paul Harvey…America’s grandfather.”

I love his quote “Not any one photo rising above any others, but collectively voicing a message”, because that is the essence of Hybrid Photography.

The producers of the ad didn’t include any video, but does that make the piece any less Hybrid?  I say no.  Because if you look closely, you’ll see movement throughout the ad.

On the surface, the piece looks like a simple slideshow.  But dig a little deeper and you’ll notice the subtleties that help to bring life to the ad.  The pacing of the progression from image to image.  A slight pan or zoom that ads motion to an image.  The selection of the order in which the images are displayed.  The synchronization of all of the above to the audio.  It’s all of these little touches that can take a project from good to great, and with this ad, Dodge have created one for the ages…

For more on Hybrid Photography, check out my friends and colleagues over on DiscoverMirrorless.com.

In the meantime, here’s one of my favorite images from the Ram Truck Superbowl Ad.



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