RAW vs JPEG – Which Is Better?

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In this excellent edition of the Hybrid Hangout, host Will Crockett (DiscoverMirrorless.com) welcomes special guest Jared Polin (FroKnowsPhoto.com) and Hybrid Heroes Giulio Sciorio, Marlene Hielema, Bill Burkholder and Carol Schlintz for a lively discussion of RAW vs JPEG and which is better to shoot in different situations.

This is a highly controversial topic and there are hardcore advocates on both sides.

Here’s Will’s description of the hangout: Both JPEG and RAW file formats are good these days, but they are very different. When is it a good idea to use RAW, when is it best to shoot in JPEG, what about shooting both at the same time? The answers depend all on you, your camera, your camera skills, and what you need to shoot. To explore the best options for you as a growing hybrid image maker, we’ve assembled a panel of Hybrid Heroes from discovermirrorless and invited special guest Jared Polin from FroKnowsPhoto to look at this sometimes passionate subject from different photographic angles.

One thing is for sure. As the new era of Hybrid Photography takes hold and more and more people are integrating video into their still photography, the need to “get it right on the camera” will become increasingly important. Even the best RAW shooters will agree.


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