Review of the Olympus OM-D EM-5 For Street Photography

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A review about the new Olympus OMD EM-5 for Street Photography


otattoo says:

Great Video…Thanks for all the info

awreckingball says:

This guy learned English from Napoleon Dynamite.

MrJag1958 says:

Great video guys! Could you, please, tell me the model number of the grip? Thank you very much!

Indiegaze says:

Makes video about street photography. Stays inside the entire time and shows no pictures.

mimstyle says:

I have now this om-d with v1.2 and It’s terricly fast !

DeMobBoss says:

Porsche 917 ‘The Heroes The Victories The Myth’ book in the shelf. Nice touch… I have the very same on my shelf! I also have this camera now thanks to your review!

gchamp727 says:

I disagree about you opinion of EVG vs Optical .. I just switched from a very good optical VF in the Sony A580 to the EVF of the A57 .. I can not use my MF 85 f1.4 and hit focus almost every shot. I will never go back to optical .. when using an f1.4 manual focus lens, very often the whole purpose is to shoot in low light .. with an optical VF in low light, you can’t see squat .. the EVF amplifies the image so you can see to focus. I think you have a case of old school bias.. look to the future.

gchamp727 says:

I am thinking about buying it but I want to know .. does it have electronic first shutter for quiet shooting? and .. is the autofocus better in low light than the EPL3? I found the EPL3 AF to be terrible in moderately low light, the Panasonic GF2 blows the EPL3 away in indoor lighting situations.

shadowblack1987 says:

I’m picking up a new camera in the next 2 weeks. I owned the X100 so it was a no brainer… X-Pro 1. Then i went to try it… then i calculated the price of 1 lens… and taxes… ouf.

Not worth it. OM-D it is.

maximme says:

hear ANY echo ?

edkwon says:

Not really, X-Pro 1, way more expensive, much bigger/heavier, poorer AF system, and very limited lens selection, OM-D was no brainer for me

ironkatia says:

I keep hearing the em5 viewfinder doesn’t come on right away when you put it up to your eye. is this true??? i dont have time to deal with a finicky viewfinder.

Mastersaofan says:

he sounds like napoleon dynamite.

fadeaway1459 says:

=D yeah

nerrej says:

You mean Pinkenta

fadeaway1459 says:

ask kai to paint it magenta =DD

Meshwork123 says:

Nice review. Thanks, Street-dogs.

FULIAN says:


BissbeeTV says:

Love this camera

mimstyle says:

om-d can beat x pro 1 in some situation easely …..

ajekan says:

price ni malaysia?

ayidafiq says:

malaysian <3

david cassoday says:

IBIS and WR, get this. The only thing Sony really has going for it is its super small form factor and video capabilities. But if you are going to be doing video heavily way not just get a video camera

david cassoday says:

FujiFilm really messed the pricing of the X Pro 1 up. $1700 US for only the body is just way too much considering you can get the body and a lens for $1200-$1300 US for other high end mirrorless cameras. Fujifilm wants us to compare this to the Canon Mark 2 but most consumers are going to be comparing to the NEX-7 and Olympus OM-D EM-5

david cassoday says:

I am now waiting on Pentax to announce the successor to the K-5

david cassoday says:

The sensor in the X-Pro 1 is very promising and look forward to future cameras that Fujifilm puts in it but I think the sensor is just too new, I would wait for the second generation cameras to use it to iron out kinks and pickup software support

david cassoday says:

I would be but the X-Pro 1 is outside of my price range. It is really unfortunate FujiFilm priced this at $1700 US for body only

shawngao777 says:

I don’t think so

Takeo Apitzsch says:

Good video. I own the OM-D EM-5 now since 2 weeks, very happy with it. Can you point to the lens you used in this review? Which one is it exactly?
Oh and, maybe, just maybe, can you use a microphone for your reviews in the future? It always is a little hard to understand due to the echo. Thanks 🙂

PhuNguyen88 says:

is this nigga still on a date with Alamby that Kai didnt know about ?

soundeath says:

hi there had some question currently use nex 5N for sports filming. but the af tracking only seems to work when you hold the shutter button. is there any way my camera can do that for me so i press rec. then go up the hill. and there would be some af tracking me riding my bike downhill? what cameras support this feature? i was looking at te OLYMPUS OM-D em5 and the Olympus EP3. keep in mind i sometimes shoot from a hundred meters. so zoom lens is important. sorry for oftopic. but thanksyou greet

oraichu says:

Yep, same here. Personally my only downside to the olympus is the LED viewfinder, feels so strange to me. I’d love to have a optical viewfinder instead.

marike1100 says:

Like two fanboys trying to give a review. I’d sooner trust this that a used car salesman trying to sell me a car. Good looking camera, essentially the same IQ as the slightly above average GX1/G3 image quality that it shares a sensor with.

ilikefastcars65 says:

Olympus E-P3 or Panasonic GX-1

crinosil says:

YES!… until today that is… I have an X100 and an X10 and was really looking forward to the X-Pro 1 … But today I ordered the OM-D… mostly because it has very good Image Quality, good Low Light performance, water and dust tight, and more available lenses today.

Also, for the same price as the X-Pro 1 body I got the OM-D with the 12-50mm ($1299) and Panasonic’s 20mm f1.7 ($350) …. and threw in Panasonic’s 45-200mm ($200) and a converter for my Nikon Lenses and baby I’m all set.. 🙂

adventureboy78 says:

Clearly non objectif review. This guy sound like a advertiser for olympus

tr1cksh00ter says:

hmm this vs the nex-7!!! uh damn u camera manufacturers

philtrapp says:

Even though I love Fuji, I have to say this one takes the prize,

wildlite says:

I would buy this over the Fuji any day. It’s awesome.

AnhRichie says:

same here but then i decided to get both, just got the X-Pro1 with 35mm. now saving up and waiting for OM-D with 12mm and 45mm.

maximme says:

buy a boom mic, idiots

Brokengitarr says:

Though the fuji got insane IQ and high iso

xxbluejay21 says:

This. Faster AF/touch shutter + 5 axi stabilization are soooooo much better than anything the fuji can provide.

charld says:

i would go with the of Fuji seems to say it has slow af

dvamateur says:

Yep, good taste mate!!! I believe Fujifilm and Olympus are on the right track with the new products. I have an old Olympus E-500, which still works well by the way, but the OMD looks nice, and so does the Fujifilm, eh….

aria230 says:

both seem to have drawbacks and look a little too large - I’d rather go for the x100 myself

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