RotoRig Update: Q&A About Parts, Monopods, and Other Things

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A few weeks ago, we posted a video by Chad Bredahl (aka KrotoFlik) with detailed instructions on how to build a DIY Jib Crane/Shoulder Rig he has developed called the RotoRig.  I think it’s one of the best DIY Jib’s that I’ve seen and apparently, a lot of people agree as the response to his video has been off the charts – so much so that Chad has now posted a Q&A follow up video (above) that we wanted to share with our readers who are interested in building a RotoRig of their own.

Go To RotoRig Tutorial Video


Andrew rafalski says:

Great video!! Excited about building. Noticed Home Depot no longer sells the flower box braces. Any ideas on what to use?

You are awesome!!!

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