Samsung NX300 Review

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We’ve often affirmed in this space that, in our opinion, the top mirrorless camera makers around today are (in no particular order) Fuji, Sony, Panasonic and Olympus – but we’ve also stated that Samsung have been rapidly closing the gap and may be poised to crack the top 4.  Samsung have had some impressive camera releases of late, including the camera featured in this post, the NX300 – which is a mid range interchangeable lens mirrorless camera.  Armed with an impressive touch screen, new hybrid autofocus system and what is arguably the most advanced wifi system of any camera manufacturer (Samsung do, after all, make Android devices), is the new generation of Samsung cameras ready to make a run at the top?

ePhotozine have just posted their review of the Samsung NX300, and they’re impressed with the direction that Samsung are taking with the new camera.

Here’s EPZ’s Verdict on the Samsung NX300:

The Samsung NX300 is an welcome refresh to the Samsung NX range, with an impressive 3.31 inch touch screen (the largest on any mirrorless camera), and a good range of Wi-Fi features built in. Image quality is impressive with better results than the previous model, the NX210, thanks to improved noise performance, and excellent levels of detail.

The Samsung NX300 is introduced at roughly $100 USD more than the competition (Sony NEX 5R, Olympus PEN Lite E-PL5, or Panasonic Lumix GF6) although this can be justified by the inclusion of Adobe Lightroom 4 in the box. However, if you already have photo editing software or aren’t interested in using Lightroom, then this may not appeal to you. The Samsung NX series has a growing number of lenses available from Samsung, and Samyang, however there are a larger choice of lenses available for other compact system cameras. There was also an issue with the orientation sensor in the camera setting portrait photos upside-down when viewed on the computer, although hopefully this will be resolved with a firmware update.

If you already have Samsung NX lenses, then the NX300 would make a great upgrade from an earlier model, particularly if you’re using a model without Wi-Fi. If you’re looking for a new mirrorless camera, then the Samsung NX300 with 18-55mm OIS kit lens is highly recommended, however, we wouldn’t recommend the 20-50mm kit lens, as its shorter focal range can be limiting, and it costs the same price as the 18-55mm kit.

ePhotozine awarded the Samsung NX300 4.5 out of 5 stars and “Highly Recommended” status.  (read full review on ePhotozine – Video overview above courtesy of

Samsung NX300 Pros

Great image quality
Great 3.31inch touch screen
Improved noise results
Much improved front and rear grip
Adobe Lightroom 4 included on CD
Good AWB performance
Excellent Wi-Fi

Samsung NX300 Cons

RAW not available when shooting some effects
20-50mm lens doesn’t include OIS
Wi-Fi use noticeably reduces battery life
Orientation sensor set portrait images as upside-down when viewed on the computer


My 2 Cents

The NX300 is boasts an impressive set of features, including an excellent 20mp APS-C sensor and industry leading wifi capabilities.  Samsung are definitely bringing the heat and seem to finally be putting out some cameras that are in the same league as the competition, and once they add some quality lenses to the lineup, they may be poised to take their place among the big boys from Sony, Olympus and Panasonic.  This is one to watch.

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Kjetil Pedersen says:

This looks like a great camera. I had the NX200 a Year ago and was quite satisfield by the image quality and the Amoled-screen.

But there is a thing or two I miss in the NX300, where is the interval shooting function and where are the effects they had in the NX200 where it was possible to put a picture in a shirt, in a boat and so on?

With a camera like that it should be possible to do a time lapse

Kjetil Pedersen says:

Especially when they receive 6 stars for “features”

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