SCREAMING DEAL on Sigma 19mm and 30mm f/2.8 Lenses for NEX and M43!

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B&H is now running an incredible deal on the Sigma 19mm and 30mm f/2.6 lenses.  They usually sell for $199 USD each, but now you can get BOTH lenses for the same $199.

You can get these lenses for either Sony NEX Cameras (E-Mount) or for Micro 4/3 Cameras.

I recently purchased the Sigma 30mm and have been putting it through it’s paces on my Panasonic G5 (which is now on sale for $599 w kit lens on Amazon), and I’m very impressed with how well this lens performs.  It’s a great deal at the regular price, so if you’re interested, I would definitely recommend pulling the trigger and getting BOTH lenses for the price of 1, because I don’t know how long B&H will keep this deal going.

The video above is from the Phoblographer.  Although he mentions that his camera starts up slowly when these lenses are attached, I haven’t noticed any issues when it’s been attached to my G5.

**NOTE:  I’m not a B&H affiliate, but this is such a great deal that I definitely wanted to make sure that our readers knew about it.  Please let me know in the comments section of you decide to buy this set and how you like the lenses once you get them.  🙂


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