Sell Your Photos Using Quick and Easy Online Galleries

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MC Contributor, photo innovator, educator and Hybrid Photography Pioneer “Coach” Will Crockett or recently spoke to a group of Volume Photographers about the value of quick and easy online galleries for selling your images.

Will writes…

After speaking to volume photographers, it was clear that not all event photographers or seasonal photographers are aware of the “gallery” concept to sell images online, unlike the hoards wedding and portrait shooters who already know they must sell images online, and do it very well.

With the “gallery” concept, you would use a dedicated URL to hold your images from a particular event. For example – “″ – which is a direct link to a special page that includes that customer’s gallery. This page could even be password protected if necessary.

Unfortunately, the “gallery” concept is often overlooked by the volume photographers, even though it could mean huge profits for those who use it.

Here’s one way you can use a gallery to create sales… Let’s say that I’m going out to shoot a car show. Before I leave, I would set up a URL (web address) and a gallery on that web page. I could then print up inexpensive little cards that say for example, “″. Then, as I’m walking around the event taking pictures of cars and/or the people with their cars, I can hand out those little cards and let them know I’ll be loading the photos into the gallery at say, 6pm that night and they can go to that URL to see the photos.  Of course, if they would like to buy the pictures, they’d be more than welcome to that also.

To make your gallery look great, you can create a small hybrid intro (stills, video and music) that entices the viewer into the site. I call it the “glue” that makes people stick to your web page, and makes them want to see even more!

This is just a great way to show off your work and pick up a few extra dollars on weekends or in your spare time.

There are a lot of fantastic web gallery companies that can help you to quickly and easily put up great looking galleries for this very kind of volume photography. Two of my favorites are Zenfolio and SmugMug, and there are a handful of others which allow you to do galleries as well.

Using a Custom Gallery is a quick and easy way to shoot some images and make a few bucks all in the same day. — Will Crockett

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