Shooting a Feature Film with the Panasonic Lumix GH2 and LOMO Anamorphic Lenses

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EOSHD posted a great story by a young filmmaker named Roberto Miller who has shot a feature film called “Mandorla” using 2 Panasonic Lumix GH2s and LOMO Anamorphic Lenses.  Hats off to Miller for having the passion and commitment to take on such a huge project.  We wish him well with the movie and will keep an eye on this story.  We’re also removing our chappeau for Andrew Reid and the EOSHD Community for inspiring countless young artists like Miller.  We are entering into an exciting new era of filmmaking, due in large part to the advent of cameras like the GH2 (which can now be found in the $500 to $700 USD range) and it’s successor, the Panasonic Lumix GH3 ($1,299 USD) as well as the BlackMagic Cinema Camera (under $3k USD). These cameras are providing young filmmakers with affordable options that produce big results, and it was the affordability of the GH2 that allowed Miller to shoot with a 2 camera setup.

Miller writes:  “We used two GH2 so we could shoot two types of shots in one setup. Often this was a wide “master” shot framing two actors with one camera, while the other camera was used for a close-up on one actor. This helped us get our shots in a timely manner, which is important when your primary lighting source is the sun.”

Here’s a Screen Test of the Camera / Lens Setup Using a Video Stabilizer

Lyon Street Walk Test from Roberto Miller on Vimeo.

Miller goes on to conclude:  “Obviously, cameras and lenses are part of the critical tools that bring a story to life on the screen. At the end of the day, filmmaking is all about storytelling and emotion. Andrew’s blog, Anamorphic Shooters Guide, and the EOSHD community have inspired, informed, and enabled so many of us, who cannot afford the traditional trade routes of filmmaking, to find a way to make our own films.  On Mandorla we are now deep in post and are aiming to have it out at film festivals later this summer and fall. I hope to see you at a screening. Meanwhile, you can follow our progress on our blog or Facebook page.”  (Read full story on EOSHD)

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