Shooting London, DRTV Style

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Kai Wong, Alamby and Lok C of DigitalRevTV are on the road in London, England.  Their mission…  to shoot 10 locations in 48 hours, using both old analog film cameras as well as modern digital cameras.  As always, traveling with the DigitalRev crew is loads of fun.

DRTV writes…

In this video, DRTV does London…and in typically British-fashion: it’s cold and drizzly. Still, the team are challenged to visit 10 locations in less than 48-hours.

On the first day, they have to use crumbly old film cameras from a very long time ago. They struggle with the idiosyncrasies and Lok struggles with fighting the urge to go shopping. Kind of.

On the second day, it’s all about one camera, one focal length: 35mm vs 50mm.

The moral of the story?  The world is a big place and there’s a lot of people, places and things that you can photograph (or video), so go out and get shooting!


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