Softboxes or LED Lights? Which One Shoud I Get?

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MC Contributor Will Crockett answers a reader question from – “I am very interested in what is available (and coming down the pike) in LED lights. Question: I’ve got a set of Westcott softboxes with fluorescent lights–nice light quality but not very bright. Do think I could put LED lights in there OR do you think the new LED lights will replace softboxes?”

LED lighting is the perfect solution when it comes to Hybrid Photography – and the ability of these new LED lights to work both as a continuous light source OR flash will allow you to quickly move from photo to video shooting without having to swap out gear – and that means less stuff in your camera bag and less strain on your back!  Make no mistake about folks, these highly versatile lights will become the norm in the photo/video world…  and soon!

Check out a full array of LED lights, including the Quantum Omicron LED Ringlight and Manfrotto LED Lights Here


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