Sony Action Cam Firmware Update Give It a 1080/60p Boost – Tons of New Accessories Available

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After releasing a schlew of new accessories for their HDR-AS10 and HDR-AS15 action cameras (including a dog harness :0p), Sony have now made a firmware update available that will include major new features like 1080/60p video shooting (giving you the ability to significantly slow down your footage in post) and coming in June, a mode change that can be done via their PlayMemories app.

Here’s the skinny on the firmware update and accessories for the Sony Action Cams…

New Firmware Updates

  • PS Recording Mode (1920×1080/60p*): Allowing users to shoot smoother video of fast moving scenes with a higher frame rate.
  • Water Scene Selection: Makes video capture underwater even clearer than before with new “water mode” enabling white balance adjustment.
  • Beep Off Setting: For those who prefer to film and control their POV footage in a quiet zone, the camera is now able to adjust sound levels for the on/record trigger and settings buttons.
  • PlayMemories Mobile Seamless Mode Change**(available in June): Allows seamless, quicker upload of video content when using the Smart Remote function. Just connect the Action Cam to a compatible smartphone or tablet using the built-in Wi-Fi® to utilize the Smart Remote and after filming, upload the footage directly to social channels via PlayMemories Mobile without having to disconnect.

New Accessories

Skeleton Frame – AKA-SF1

Available in June for about $29.99

  • Perfect non-waterproof solution with minimum bulk for all types of sports and activities; can be secured to goggles, handlebars, etc.
  • Tripod screw for mounting compatibilities that can be adjusted from the bottom, top and side.
  • Open system design allows full access to all connections including HDMI out, mic and USB micro

Dog Harness – AKA-DM1

Available in June for about $44.99

  • Capture your dog’s point of view
  • Harness mounts the camera comfortably on a dog’s back
  • Adjusts to fit medium to large breeds

Surfboard Mount – AKA-SM1

Available in June for about $34.99

  • Adhesive system forms watertight bond to surfboard, snowboard, kayak, etc.
  • Supplied with lanyard and two sets of the mount and leash
  • Flexible and strong adhesion base for water-side use realizes secure attachment to curved surfaces 

Wrist Mount – AKA-WM1

Available in June for about $29.99

  • Allows users the ability to adjust their shooting angle; perfect for self-filming and simple recording of any target
  • Works with Waterproof Housing or new Skeleton Frame
  • 360 degree pan

Float Mount – AKA-FL1

Available in June for about $14.99

  • Designed for a variety of water sports to prevent the Action Cam from sinking in water
  • Attached to camera with tripod screw
  • High visibility in water; includes lanyard

Ball Head – ADP-BH1

Available in June for about $34.99

  • Adjust the camera’s angle on mounts for more viewpoint options
  • Omni-directional adjustment for flexible mounting solution
  • Shorter and smaller mount with universal tripod screw system

Carrying Case – LCM-AKA1

Available in June for about $34.99

  • Semi-hard case serves as organization solution
  • Water-resistant material to repel dirt & moisture
  • Compact yet roomy enough for camera and several mounts/accessories

My 2 Cents

GoPro are the undisputed Kings of the Action Cam Mountain right now, but never count Sony out.  They have the budget and the technology to take a serious run at the top.  The improved framerate, Zeiss lenses, expanding catalog of camera mounts and accessories combined with the fact that these little buggers are tough – oh, and about half the price of a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition – makes the Sony Action Cams a compelling choice and legitimate contender for #1.

Buy the Sony HDR-AS10 and HDR-AS15 action cameras on Amazon Here


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