Sony Announces 2 New Apps Available for Download Now

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WiFi is the future, and the future is now!

2012 saw thew advent of the WiFi enabled camera.  We believe there are a lot more to come in 2013 and fully expect the technology to develop rather quickly over the next 12-24 months.  Personally, I’m excited about this because it opens up infinite possibilities for new and innovative creative effects that can be produced right in camera!

Although there are still relatively few WiFi enabled cameras today, Sony boast 2 of them in the form of the NEX 5r and NEX6, and the company has just released 2 new apps that are ready to download, both for about $5 USD.

Introducing Sony’s New Apps

  1. Motion Shot: (as seen in the video above) Captures a series of images and superimposes them together to show a sequence. You can adjust the space between the images, choose the first and last of the sequence, fade in, fade out, add picture effects and dictate the layering direction as well as the amount of layering images.
  2. Light Shaft:  (as seen on the video below) Allows you to create a light burst in the form of a ray, star, flare or beam. It looks kinda cheesy at first, but with a little imagination you should be able to produce some cool effects with it.


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