Sony NEX 3n and SLT a58 – First Look at Sony’s Newest Cameras

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In this episode of SGNL by Sony, Anthony and Kenta pull back the curtain back and take a look at the two new Sony Alpha cameras, the α58 and the α NEX-3N.

The NEX-3N is Sony’s new entry level camera in the NEX lineup.  It has a 16 mp Exmor CMOS Sensor and boast lots of new capabilities and physical features like a zoom level and tiltable touch screen that flips a full 180 degrees – great for self portraits, although it is a bit disappointing that the screen’s resolution has been reduced by half from the previous generation, the Sony NEX F3.  There’s no built in EVF or hot shoe but frankly, I wouldn’t expect either on a camera of this size and type.   Sony tout the NEX 3n as the “worlds smallest interchangeable lens camera”.  Since the release of the RX1 last year, it seems that Sony are intent on cramming big sensors into small packages, so let’s hope that Sony release some smaller pancake lenses to match the 3n’s diminutive body. At only $498 USD, look for the NEX 3n to be a highly popular addition to Sony’s NEX lineup.

Also coming soon is the new α58.  This is Sony’s newest entry level DSLT – featuring Sony’s Translucent Mirror Technology – and it boasts a 20mp CMOS Sesnor that is a step up from the 16mp chip in it’s its predecessor, the Sony SLT α57.  The a58 also benefits from a variety of Sony Tech that has trickled down the lineup.

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