Sony NEX 3n – First Look and First Impressions

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In the video above, WhatDigitalCamera takes a first look at the Sony NEX 3n, the new entry level addition to the Sony NEX camera lineup.  Chris Gampat of thePhoblographer also got his hands on the new camera and shares his first impressions.

Product Features…

Up to ISO 16000 sensitivity with advanced noise reduction
With a new Exmor sensor that features the same adaptive noise reduction technology from Sony’s flagship SLT-A99V, the NEX-3N easily offers a wide range of sensitivity from ISO 100 to ISO 16000.

Newly designed anti-slip grip
Perfect for self-portraits or casual snaps, the natural form ensures quick, comfortable handling and makes the camera easy to carry around. In addition, the textured grip prevents slipping even when shooting one-handed or when using exceptionally large lenses.

Compact, easy-to-carry
PZ 16-50mm kit lens

For the ultimate in portability, the NEX-3N includes the collapsible SELP1650 as the kit lens. Ideal when traveling or anytime a compact, lightweight camera-combo is desired.

Picture Effect modes
The NEX-3N includes 15 effects that can be applied to photos or movies, giving you the means to vastly expand your artistic repertoire. The ability to view effects in real-time on the LCD screen11 before the shot lets you experiment with different looks until you are satisfied with the result.

Photo Creativity feature
NEX-3N provides easy access to most Picture Effect settings as well as controls for Background Defocus, Brightness, Color and Vividness. Just activate Photo Creativity, choose the appropriate item then adjust while viewing in real-time on the LCD screen. The ability to combine settings offers nearly unlimited creative control, and lets you compensate for tricky lighting.

Superior Auto mode
Use Superior Auto mode to shoot photos and movies with the ease of a compact digital camera. In this mode, the camera recognizes the current shooting environment then adjusts settings for optimal results. Superior Auto also includes Auto HDR and Hand-held Twilight modes, both of which employ image compositing technology to handle difficult lighting by recording multiple images at high speed then compositing them to produce the final photo.

Anti-Motion Blur mode
Corrects for subject movement to capture amazingly clean and sharp images in low light. The camera leverages the large, APS-C image sensor and captures six images in a fraction of a second. Combining the data from all six creates a single image that minimizes subject blur.

Hand-held Twilight Mode
Get cleaner and sharper nighttime pictures—beyond the capability of traditional cameras—without using flash or a tripod. The camera leverages the large, APS-C image sensor and captures six images in a fraction of a second. Combining the data from all six creates a single image of extraordinary detail and low noise.

Face Detection/Smile Shutter
Set NEX-3N to recognize faces and smiles. Face Detection locates up to eight faces in a composition then adjusts exposure, white balance and other settings based on these faces. Smile Shutter — adjustable in three levels — automatically takes a shot when smiles in the scene are at their brightest.

Creative Style
Tailor the look of photos and movies before shooting. Choose from one of six settings — Standard, Vivid, Portrait, Landscape, Sunset or Black & White — depending on the scene or your creative intent.

Speed Priority Continuous mode
Freeze fast-moving subjects by shooting at up to 4 fps. This is the ideal solution for photographing sports, children at play or other action.

Up to 480 Shots6 of battery life
Take up to 480 shots on a single charge6 with Sony® lithium ion Stamina™ battery power. Sony’s InfoLITHIUM® battery system enables you to see the percent of power remaining, so you can keep shooting in confidence.

PlayMemories Home
supplied software9

Free, easy-to-use PlayMemories Home™ image management software automatically installs onto Windows PC’s for Sony Digital Camera users. Download photos and movies onto your computer then view, organize, edit, retouch, print, burn to disk, share or upload to social networking websites.

Supplied accessories
The kit includes a SELP1650 lens, lens cap, NP-FW50 InfoLithium rechargeable battery , AC-UB10 USB AC charger (in-camera battery charging), shoulder strap, body cap, and Micro USB cable.

Lock-on Auto Focus
Using the 15-point autofocus sensor and Sony’s subject recognition technologies, Object Tracking AF can maintain accurate focus on your subject even when it changes position in the frame.

Sweep Panorama™ Mode
Capture expansive landscapes automatically. Press the shutter, sweep vertically or horizontally. The camera does the rest, continuously shooting images and stitching them together for an astounding paroramic image.

The Phoblographer’s First Impressions…

“In my opinion, while the NEX 3N has some very nice ergonomics it still seems a bit too plain vanilla for me personally as an advanced user. But if you’re just stepping into the interchangeable lens market world, then this may be the one for you with the zoom lever, excellent image quality, and the really sweet LCD screen.

The focusing on the 3N was fast and reliable–but it still can’t keep up with Olympus’s FAST AF system. However, it has come a bit closer to being able to do so.

I’m personally not a fan of shooting JPEGs with any camera and this is no exception. For the best results, I’d shoot in RAW mode and process the images myself. But the consumer that this camera is going for won’t mind the images at all.

Sony should have added in the WiFi feature though in order to upload the images to a phone. That indeed would have been an absolutely killer feature.

We’re still going to wait for a final product to make our overall judgements, but this one left me wanting more personally.”  (Read full article on thePhoblographer)

My 2 Cents

The Sony NEX 3n will no doubt have a broad appeal for photobugs moving up from point and shoots or smartphone cameras.  It’s small, lightweight and should be easy enough to use for those from the mobile device/video game generation who are adept at menu diving.

I’m frankly stunned that Sony did not incorporate wi-fi into this camera as wireless connectivity would’ve given it a leg up on the competition, such as the Olympus PEN Mini E-PM2.  However, I still expect the NEX 3n to be a highly popular camera.

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