Sony NEX 3n Review

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DigitalCameraWorld take a look at the new Sony NEX 3N, which comes as the direct replacement to Sony’s entry level compact system camera, the NEX F3.  As with the F3, the NEX 3n is aimed squarely at those looking to make the jump from a point and shoot digital compact to a camera with interchangeable lenses.

My 2 Cents

In terms of build quality and image quality, the Sony NEX 3n is indeed impressive when compared to other entry level interchangeable lens cameras.  It’s loaded up with the same 16mp sensor that powers it’s bigger brothers, the NEX 5r and NEX 6, and impressive pedigree to say the least.  Sony has had a lot of success with the Sony NEX 5r thus far, and it would seem they are pitching the NEX 3n as a lower budget version of that camera.

It’ll be interesting to watch the reaction of consumers over the next several months to see if the NEX-3N will grab the lions share of sales or if shooters will be tempted by the premium features and abilities, such as Wi-Fi,  of the NEX 5r.  Stay Tuned…

Get the Sony NEX 3n or the Sony NEX 5r Here


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